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Surviving our young children’s meltdown while sipping a cup of tea! – Part 3/3

Brace yourselves because your adorable little bundle of joy is entering the tantrum phase!

It might seem overwhelming and leave you feeling helpless when those emotional storms hit, but rest assured that tantrums are completely normal and actually important for your child’s emotional development. But don’t worry! With a bit of preparation and composure, you can handle these moments like a pro.

So, let’s have a cup of tea and find out how we can help our little ones manage their emotions without losing our cool.

When kids reach around two years old, they start experiencing new and intense emotions like frustration, anger, embarrassment, guilt, and shame. However, they often struggle to express these “big” feelings in words or feel so uncomfortable that they resort to crying, screaming, or having tantrums.

First things first! Make sure your child and those around them are safe. If needed, gently move your child to a different place. Stay close during their emotional outburst and offer comfort and reassurance until they calm down. This support helps them learn to manage their emotions and express them better next time.

It’s also important to let your child know that you understand how they feel. Speak calmly and soothingly, acknowledging their emotions. Take a moment to identify and name the emotion, and provide support as they calm down.

Consistency is crucial when dealing with tantrums. Avoid giving in to their demands, even if it’s easier for you. Being consistent teaches your child that tantrums won’t get them what they want.

Pay attention to your child’s physical needs. If they want to be touched or held, provide comfort. If they need personal space, respect their boundaries.

Keep in mind, during a tantrum, their thinking brain is disconnected from their emotional brain, so reasoning with them won’t work. Once they calm down, offer comfort and let them know you’re not angry. Assure them that you’ll always be there for them, no matter what. Tantrums can be distressing for everyone involved.

Remember, both you and your child are on a learning journey together. So, be kind to yourself when things don’t go as planned and tantrums happen.

And don’t forget, Arizen Academy is always nearby to help you and your little one go through these tough and wild journey.

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