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Diverse Kindergarten


Multilingual Approach

Unlocking the world of languages from a young age can significantly enhance your child's cognitive growth. At Arizen Kids Academy, our multilingual approach is designed to facilitate language learning for young children. Through interactive activities such as storytelling, role-playing, and problem-solving, we ensure active participation, allowing children to naturally acquire language skills as they play and interact. We immerse children in real-life scenarios where they can utilize English, Spanish, and French, nurturing their innate desire to communicate and remain engaged.

Our program is grounded in insights from global learning experts who emphasize the importance of exposing children to understandable language in a supportive environment and promoting positive social interactions. Our specially crafted thematic activities foster teamwork and collaboration among peers while prioritizing motivation and communication as fundamental drivers of language acquisition.

Holistic Growth

At Arizen Kids Academy, we believe in nurturing not just the intellect but also the heart. Our holistic preschool program is designed to cultivate benevolence, kindness, empathy, and respect in every child. Through the practice of non-violent communication, tolerance, and inclusion, we create a supportive environment where children feel safe to express themselves authentically. We prioritize the development of self-confidence and self-love, teaching children to embrace their unique qualities and value the diversity in others.

In our curriculum, activities are carefully curated to instill a love for nature, foster critical thinking, and unleash creativity. Whether it's through outdoor exploration, hands-on experiments, or artistic expression, children are encouraged to engage with the world around them, developing a deeper understanding of themselves and their surroundings. By incorporating these principles into our program, we aim to empower children to become compassionate and responsible individuals who are equipped to navigate life's challenges with resilience and integrity.

Early Literacy program

At Arizen Kids Academy, we ignite the flame of literacy, empowering your child to explore, imagine, and unlock the enchanting world of language. Our early literacy programs not only kindle children's passion and enthusiasm for reading and writing but also lay the groundwork for their academic success in elementary school and beyond. Through our engaging monthly thematic activities, designed to immerse children in playful real-life scenarios, we guide them to discover the profound impact and practical utility of language in their everyday lives. By engaging in activities centered around letters, words, and storytelling, children embark on a journey where books come alive, imagination knows no bounds, and each word serves as a gateway to new revelations.


Through playing with books, captivating storytelling sessions, and opportunities to express themselves through drawing and writing, children are invited to explore language in real-world contexts, where they witness firsthand the transformative power of effective communication and linguistic expression.

​Play-Led Thematic Activities

With a proven track record spanning two decades, our time-tested curriculum ignites children's curiosity and stimulate their natural desire to explore. Through hands-on play, children engage in hands-on experiences and activities that foster creativity, critical thinking, meaningful relationships, and collaboration among peers. Our specially crafted monthly themed activities also promote the development of essential skills in mathematics, science, technology, engineering, arts, and oral communication. And, at the heart of it all, children are encouraged to have fun, thrive, and embrace the joy of learning in a supportive and nurturing environment that celebrates their unique talents and abilities.

Adventure Zone

Through carefully selected activities suitable for their age group, including climbing, jumping, balancing, and crawling, children refine their coordination, enhance balance, build strength, and improve agility. Moreover, our program fosters social interaction, encourages cooperation, and promotes confidence-building as children tackle obstacle courses and engage in group exercises. By introducing structured physical activities at an early stage, our goal is to instill in them a lifelong passion for fitness and well-being.


Our child's safety is our top priority at Arizen Kids Academy.  Our surveillance cameras continuously monitor all play areas and other sections of the facility, providing constant oversight for your child's protection. Additionally, we have dedicated team members stationed at the main entrance, ensuring vigilant monitoring of all arrivals and departures.

To further enhance security, our entryway utilizes QR codes paired with personalized PIN numbers and keyless coded entry systems. These measures guarantee that only authorized personnel, parents, and students have access to our school premises.

For infants in their first year, our specially designed play areas provide a safe and nurturing environment for their growth and development. Our focus on cleanliness, continuous supervision, soft and age-appropriate equipment ensures their well-being and safety at all times.

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