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Curriculum Highlights

Rooted in the proven educational model of our sister network in Canada, ARIZEN Academy is a sanctuary of learning where young minds aged 18 months to 5 years thrive.

Our tested and exclusive teaching approaches are tailored to cultivate a love for languages while ensuring an all-rounded development. Journey with us as we create a better society by nurturing the global citizens of tomorrow.

Young girl in class drawing

Dive into the natural process of language acquisition, mirroring the effortless way children learn their mother tongue.

Early Immersion

Explore the world through movement, with activities designed to instill essential habits for academic success.

Psychomotor Development

Build a strong foundation in reading and writing from preschool, ensuring a smooth transition into kindergarten.

Early Literacy

Engage in long-term missions and free workshops that spark creativity and a deeper understanding of the world around.

Thematic Activities & Workshops

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