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Arizen Academy FAQs

  • ARIZEN Academy welcomes children aged 18 months to 5 years (Kindergarden). Our programs are designed to nurture young minds during their crucial early developmental years.

  • The curriculum at ARIZEN Academy is a holistic blend of multilingual education, early literacy development, psychomotor activities, and social respect and self-expression, designed to foster a well-rounded educational foundation.

  • At ARIZEN Academy, children are immersed in an environment where English, Spanish, and French are lived on a daily basis, enriching their linguistic and cultural appreciation.

  • We provide a nurturing, family-oriented setting that values each child's unique personality while promoting collective growth. Our approach ensures an adapted learning environment that fosters not only linguistic, but also personal, social, motor, and cognitive skills.

  • Our unique immersion environment, play-based learning approach, and the emphasis on early literacy and psychomotor development sets us apart. Every aspect of ARIZEN Academy is crafted to ensure children start their educational journey one step ahead.

  • We maintain a low teacher to student ratio to ensure personalized attention and a conducive learning environment for every child. You can contact us for the specific ratio and how it contributes to our learning environment.

  • Our educators are highly qualified, dedicated, and trained in the ARIZEN Academy methodologies to provide an exceptional early learning experience for your child.

  • We value parent involvement and offer various opportunities for parents to engage in their child’s educational journey. Through regular updates, parent-teacher meetings, and school events, we ensure a collaborative relationship between parents and our academy.

  • We invite you to Schedule a Tour or Contact Our Admissions Office to discover more about how ARIZEN Academy can provide an enriched learning experience for your child.

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