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Surviving our young children’s meltdown while sipping a cup of tea! Part 1/3

Talk about embarrassing, right? All those eyes on you while you’re desperately trying to handle the situation. We’ve all been there, experiencing that sudden burst of anger and frustration when our little ones completely lose control. But hey, don’t worry, it’s totally normal!

So, let’s grab a cup of tea, and dive into the world of emotions together.

Yes, this is it: tantrums, those unexpected outbursts!

If your child is between the ages of 1 and 3, you can expect them to pop up every now and then.

It’s just a part of their development, so no need to panic, mama! Actually, it’s a sign that your child is learning to communicate their needs and emotions. So, stay calm, and keep on reading…

Now, let’s talk about what triggers these crises. There are a few factors at play.

Some children are more sensitive and get easily upset by frustrating events or changes in their environment.

We all know that feeling when we have to leave in a hurry or interrupt their playtime. Stress, hunger, tiredness, and overstimulation can also make it harder for our little ones to express themselves and stay calm. And of course, difficult situations, like when another child snatches their toy, can be tough for them to handle.

These intense emotions can be overwhelming, so breath in breath out!

Stay cool mom, that will definitely help you and your child. But here’s the important thing to remember: tantrums are not a reflection of bad parenting or a misbehaving child. You’re doing great, and it’s all part of their normal development. They’re simply finding their way through their early years and learning how to express and cope with their feelings. So, let go of any guilt, my friend, and know that you’re on the right path.

And don’t forget, at Arizen Academy, we are always nearby to listen to you and guide you and your little one to overcome theses challenges. Our special social emotional program will definitely help all of you outhere to express and be in charge of your emotions.


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